Monday, September 22, 2008

Animal communication

September 12, 2008, My friends Bob and Mary Sansevere invited me to participate in the national miniature horse show in Tulsa Oklahoma. My job was to listen to what the horses wanted-one told me to loosen his halter, one wanted his special soup, one wanted to hang with his friend Raven, and I did not know that name from the world plane we live on, etc. Listening to the horses is easy, and scary--they are much clearer, more direct and more demanding than humans! But the denoumet was when I was asked to give instructions to the horses. I told Phantom during the liberty round to keep up a trot. He never did this before, this time he did and Mary, with me as the in ring helper beat out 52 other horses and their handlers to win the blue ribbon, YEAH first time I ever won anything involving athletic competition-better late than never. If you are interested in horses check out their site at Speaking with the animals is something I hope to do more of. I have a couple of dog clients, and have always related well with birds, lions, and even a big time brahma bull.