Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday night nov 14 wcco and 830 am dial

Once again I am proud to be the guest of the esteemed newsperson Esme Murphy on wcco radio . We will discuss the world, take calls, answer your questions all from my psychic perspective. Please tune in, call in and then come see me!!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

TRAIL OF TERROR my $10 mindful palm readings

I will be doing my mindful palm readings, which I am very proud of Oct 22 and 23rd at the Trail of Terror, and possibly the next weekend also.Come on out!!!


9 p.m. hour I am the guest of Esme Murphy or 830 on the am dial

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Opportunity for a complimentary Ruth reading!!

Compliments of Hobo in the Galleria in Edina, a store I have been "visiting" forever! 7-8 pm This Friday, sept 10, 2010. It's a whole night of celebration at the best specialty mall in the upper midwest. Stop in and get a dead on reading and the best all around garments ever! p.s. I was there today and they have THE ultimate ulility black dress/ skirt from 3 dot, as well as the only truly no line underwear I have found, and I have searched in 3 countries! c u soon, Ruth

Friday, September 3, 2010

caution psychic on line sites using my name

This is the OFFICIAL and ONLY website for me, Ruth Lordan. After googling my name I found multiple psychi websites using the article where I am given props for being right about Brett Farve's return date and if you press on it it directs you to their hotlines. I do not know if they are telling people that they can have a reading with me--it's all on line or phone, so they could put anyone on. I do not feel this happening but do feel that it will. So forewarned is forearmed! There disclaimer posted !

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meditation video done!!!!

Finally I have recorded a MEDITATION VIDEO i AM PROUD OF. To see it please go to The Ruth Lordan Clairvoyant Experience on Facebook. Feel free to share this and let me know how it works for you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the NFL press conference where I am given props! go to 16 minutes in and hear the coach of the vikings saying I was right and giving me props==this is for all the psychic energy out there!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

daily clairvoyant vibes from me

At last The Ruth Lordan clairvoyant experience is up as a facebook fan site. "like" it on FB and you will get the daily vibes, plus extras such as the recently posted crystal ball diary.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Voo-doo woman the song

At long last, I have finally recorded the song I that came thru me many years ago contact me if u want to hear it It is a bluesy song about the voo-doo woman that can mess with your mind if you don't treat her right sound familiar Yes, she does spells

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Real energy work

There is a saying in Kaballah--that the Light pours out all over (energy, God, consciousness) and our job is to create a vessel strong enough to hold it. Otherwise, when we do "energy work" and psychic work or otherwise try to attract and work with the Light, or the Dark even (there is yin/yang in energy too) what pours in the vessel is too strong for it and the vessel breaks.The examples of this are obvious; Look at all the cigarette smoking, overweight "reiki" practitioners and "mediums" and what happens to their health both physical and mental.. That is why before you embark on any spiritual journey you need to have a strong vessel and daily strengthen it. It is much easier to simply visualize chakras than to do the actual work to open them properly. And people make a lot of money off of well meaning seekers who do not know any better. Please do not be one of them! Chakras open naturally as a part of a serious yoga/pranayama practise, not thru some visualization hypnosis process Those who can do, those who cannot teach. Energy is real and there is real energy work, but to play with energy before you have strengthened your vessel you will destroy yourself. It is a known fact that kaballah was not to be studied till you were 50 as you could go crazy-- This stuff is real and just because it is out there does not mean you can play with it. I do teach occasionally, but only when the student's vessel is ready or they are willing to do the real work involved.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

angels, spirits and things that go bump in the night

So many of us have been drawn, either thru media or actual events to focus a bit on the beings in other dimensions that I thought I would post the best advice I know. There is a concept that goes "fasting, prayer and alms -giving" all must go together or there is spiritual trouble. Makes sense. When you are fasting, you are entering into a different state of consciousness, hence open to the spirits. All spirits. Fasting is not the only way to open the doors to higher consciousness. Some drugs do this, Native sweat lodges, certain forms of yoga and meditations and mystic practices. so the door is opened and ANYTHING can come it This is why so many religions say stay away-as a cautionary measure. look at it as a black hole if you do not fill it whatever is out there comes in. So, prayer, also meditation rituals ceremonies can act as the filter to keep out the wrong energies--those that want to experience earth and take over. That is why so many so called mediums are fat and drink the lower level spirits miss things and come in to take over your body to do them. and then there are the serious bad spirits-uffda(see I am from minnesota) So, as the saying goes it your heart ain't right, nothing will alight. Alms giving, which is also compassion is needed to keep mindfulness the mind in the heart of course, and purity so that you further filter out the bad and attract the higher beings. So when you feel a presence, immediately pray, or any of the prayer alternatives, and be sure your mind is in your heart, feel compassion and do some alms giving-make a pledge. then you can insure your safely, although here comes the disclaimer nothing is 100% all the time. Still have to be careful, and cleanse afterwards thru either a religious communion or other method you know and use.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Energy Train is here today

HOP ON !!!!!! If you have no destiny line and are what I call the free spirit, then get busy on the phone, in meetings, do what you do and make projects happen. If you have a destiny line, then meditate deeply to call the universe to you, That is how you roll.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

yeah the psychic fog has finally lifted and we are all able to see things more clearly and make actual progress in our outer and inner worlds. Those of you who are wondering about my schedule--consistent is the key to it. mon and tues is santorini wed and thurs the medina, with events, private and phone appts. occupying the rest. Enjoy the light!