Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ghost adventure

Last night home from work I was obsessed to stop at the bakery and get pastries--i made it 5 minutes before closing.  Found out today that the grandfather, whose home we went to always brought pastries when he was alive.   Ok then    opened a chest and heart a young man say  thank you I can leave now.   this was an uncle who had been killed from an accident on leave from the Navy  this chest was his Navy clothes, flag etc that was shipped after his death....the grandmother who did not want to leave the house, and had been head of the Spiritualist society in Minnesota said thank you, she was free now that she knew her home would have loving care.  We also opened a chest of her premarriage memoirs and when my friends mentioned  a missing wedding ring  she said the mean sister had it but jeff would take care of it.  turns out the mean sister was her daughter, and jeff was the sister's husband.     Felt good vibrations all around   now to clear out with meditation and real macha tea.....Oh   those of you who read The Ruth Lordan Clairvoyant Experience on face book (where I post daily vibes) know that I called today Granduations day  Sure enough   we found a book-one of many spiritualist books- that is titles a heap o living   the inscription was to ruth on her graduation   Yes, I have it now!