Friday, September 14, 2012

For those of you looking to find me--here is my schedule for the shorter appearance readings.  Everyone gets read--this is not a stage show where the psychic and the promoters cash in on peoples' hopes and fears charging them a large fee to be in a room where maybe they will get a word or two.  Nope  I am the real deal and give my best to all.   So  Mon and Tues I am at Santorini in Eden Prairie, Wed and Thurs at the Medina. These start at 6:30 pm . Friday i am at Chanhassan Bistro and Wine Bar--aka School11 in Chanhassan. starting at 4:30 ish.   These are all first come first serve.  I do book some longer private appts ahead of time at medina and Chan-contact me for this.  I also occasionally do a private event and and am not at the appearance so check first. This happens a bit, and I do occasionally go on retreats and adventures.  Private sessions, spirit contact are all available by appt. (for spirit contact I charge more--I really do it and need to prepare-if the passed on one chooses to come in a regular reading i go with it, but I do not seek them out or ask questions about them or talk to them at length unless it is a specific spirit session.   So, see you soon-and for those of you out of area, phone and skype have their own special magic and work wonders for readings.    Of course if you need a daily dose of good vibes, please check out the facebook page The RuthLordanClairvoyantExperience where I post the best vibes of the day---it is our job it get focused and centered to be able to access them, and reading them helps us do just that. I highly recommend this-I even refer to it throughout the day.  If you have trouble focusing and centering, I have been given Prajan's (the buddhist monk who teaches Thai meditation around the world--he is number one and I am his American student) blessing to teach meditation, so contact me for this as well. This is the purest form on the planet and the most effective.