Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Real energy work

There is a saying in Kaballah--that the Light pours out all over (energy, God, consciousness) and our job is to create a vessel strong enough to hold it. Otherwise, when we do "energy work" and psychic work or otherwise try to attract and work with the Light, or the Dark even (there is yin/yang in energy too) what pours in the vessel is too strong for it and the vessel breaks.The examples of this are obvious; Look at all the cigarette smoking, overweight "reiki" practitioners and "mediums" and what happens to their health both physical and mental.. That is why before you embark on any spiritual journey you need to have a strong vessel and daily strengthen it. It is much easier to simply visualize chakras than to do the actual work to open them properly. And people make a lot of money off of well meaning seekers who do not know any better. Please do not be one of them! Chakras open naturally as a part of a serious yoga/pranayama practise, not thru some visualization hypnosis process Those who can do, those who cannot teach. Energy is real and there is real energy work, but to play with energy before you have strengthened your vessel you will destroy yourself. It is a known fact that kaballah was not to be studied till you were 50 as you could go crazy-- This stuff is real and just because it is out there does not mean you can play with it. I do teach occasionally, but only when the student's vessel is ready or they are willing to do the real work involved.