Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aging my style

Having just been contacted for a 70th birthday celebration, I remember my age descriptions! Yummy at 20, flirty at 30, feisty at 40, fit at 50, sexy at 60, super at 70, elegant at 80, nirvana at 90, and it's all a home run from there.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

3 rules to live by

Take care of yourself first., That means first thing when you wake up, take care of you! I recommend reading something spiritual or inspirational, breathing and meditation exercises, and then physical activity. Rule 2-be the best you can be. That means that at every moment be the best you can. For example, right now, are you slouching, or sitting correctly and are you taking proper breaths? Each task, simple or supreme, done the best you can. Third rule, before you really start a relationship-know them. Most of the time we all do this backwards! I like them, so now let's get to know them. I prefer, I know them, now I can like them.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Another opportunity to get a mini-session at a mini-price. The universe is working on all ends! And please don't forget to bring any coats for kids that you might have to donate. Marilyn's is a drop off spot, and this is Minnesota, where global warming still means thermal warming and scarves and gloves.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Readings in Rogers! Friday, October 10.

Check out for the details. Marilyn had a session with me at the Medina, when I told her that I saw great success in a new business. She had come to the session pondering about signing a lease for a shop, which of course I did not know about in the traditonal sense of know. She has a true boutique which the locals are flocking to for unique clothing and other items. I will be at the celebration doing short sessions:info on her website. This is a chance to get a mini-session from me at a mini price-but don't blame me if you get tempted by all the treats she has to offer!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Women of Influence speaking engagment

Ok folks. I guess 40 years of hard work pays off. And Bob Dylan said it only took 20! Tuesday, Oct 16 I am speaking at the Women of Influence Luncheon, hosted by Sue Zeligson and I am a bit nervous. They are interested in me talking about my life. Ok, come to this if you can make it. It is of course a charity event. Guys, a great place to meet ladies, since they will be the majority of the audience (see how I think?) And ladies, network with some really cool, or in the new gen's term hot, people.